Scientific Approach

Targeting the Convergence of Fibrosis, Angiogenesis and Inflammation with Innovative Focal Therapy.

AiViva is developing pharmacotherapies that address neovascularization, abnormal cell proliferation, inflammation, and fibrosis. Our development programs are based on strong scientific evidence, which includes the use of validated therapeutics that have gone through robust nonclinical proof-of-concept studies. This approach enables us to pursue an efficient, risk-mitigated clinical development strategy. The active pharmaceutical ingredients in our lead products, AIV001 and AIV007, are multi-kinase inhibitors of VEGFR, PDGFR, and/or FGFR and TGF-β1 with preferential anti-angiogenic and anti-fibrotic activity. Our proprietary formulations are designed for focal treatment, optimized local therapeutic effect, and prolonged drug duration.

Our innovative delivery method directly targets local disorders with minimal systemic exposure, a basis for a favorable benefit-risk profile. The prolonged drug release reduces the treatment burden and ensures effective treatment, as it eliminates the issues typically associated with patient non-compliance. We are able to apply this treatment modality to a wide range of diseases in various therapeutic areas to capitalize on the benefits of our innovative technology and focal drug delivery approach.

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Therapeutic Areas

Focused on Areas With Clear Unmet Needs

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Development Pipeline

Diverse Portfolio of Novel Drug Candidates

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Drug Candidates

Potential to Transform Treatment Paradigms