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Our Intern Program


At AiViva, we offer excellent opportunities to motivated and committed individuals looking for a broad-based experience in a dynamic, fast-paced biotech company working on the cutting edge of biotechnologies. Intern positions are within AiViva’s research and development of drugs, and biologics group. Students have the ability to make significant impact by what they do every day, while working in a friendly and inclusive culture with opportunity for growth.

Under the direct guidance of industrial experts, program modules cover the following key areas:

Research and Development of Drugs and Biologics

  • Chemistry, Manufacturing, and Control
  • Nonclinical Pharmacology, Pharmacokinetics
  • Drug Metabolism and Toxicology
  • Safety Assessment
  • Clinical Sciences and Development
  • Regulatory Pathways and Considerations

Market Research and Business Development
Medical Communications


AiViva Internship Experience

Quotes from USC PharmD Candidates

My time at AiViva has been great. It exceeded any expectations I had. There are many different projects to work on, and thus many different opportunities to grow.”
- Mariam Geysimonyan

“Understanding the role of an industry pharmacist better.  For me, I didn't have any prior experience, but I understand, at least more, what the different functional roles would be for a company.  In addition, I think Dr. Tang-Liu's mentorship definitely helped with understanding the industry environment as well as workplace manners.”
-  Royal Siu

“Everyone at the company was always friendly and nice, and I couldn’t have asked for a better rotation! It was great to see how a smaller pharmaceutical company operates.”
- Sarah Choi

“Outcomes gained from my internship: a) Competitor market research, b) Clinical development considerations, c) Engaging with experienced professionals. Internship prepared me for: Strategy position in pharma/consulting.”
- Doreen Nilo




Must be pursuing PhD in Pharmaceutical & Translational Sciences, PharmD, healthcare-related field, or other closely related discipline.  Will accept other certificate programs in the near future.


We value talented students who are passionate, innovative, motivated, adaptable and respectful individuals committed to learning and seeking new skills

We Offer

PharmD and/or Graduate students will gain valuable hands-on, real world work experience that will help prepare you for the next step in your career

Academic Standing

Must be enrolled as a full-time student and in good academic standing


Must have strong attention to detail, good organizational skills and ability to prioritize.
Ability to handle multiple projects and initiatives while maintaining a strong sense of urgency


Each rotation are six to twelve weeks, or up to three months.  We offer flex time.

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