Prolonged-Release Formulation For Intradermal Treatment

AIV001 is a novel formulation of a multi-kinase inhibitor combined with AiViva's proprietary delivery technology, designed for prolonged drug release via intradermal treatment. AIV001 targets multiple pathways to reduce fibroplasia in overlapping phases of wound healing and scarring; targets VEGFR to limit the inflammation and fibrosis associated with rosacea; and inhibits or reduces neovascularization and cell proliferation associated with certain cancers. In nonclinical in vivo studies, AIV001 demonstrated reduced dermal neovascularization and fibroplasia in wound healing models and long residence time in the skin with a single treatment.

AiViva has completed a Phase I/ IIa clinical trial of AIV001 for the incisional scarring and wound healing and has completed a clinical trial for nonmelanoma skin cancer.